ISB Musicians Make (Radio) Waves
Posted 03/05/2016 10:15

ISB Musical Talent Showcased on Radio X

A select group of ISB’s most talented musicians traipsed out of the rain and into the red-carpeted Radio X studio last Tuesday evening. Accompanying them were William Norris, our very own Music Director; and Richard Westphalen of the Sinfonieorchester Basel. Richard and William have worked together to establish a symbiotic relationship between the school and the Sinfonieorchester Basel , which was highlighted at the school’s 5th Annual Music Competition. An adjudicator from the orchestra awarded four winners this year, three of whom were interviewed during Radio X’s The English Show.

After a briefing from interviewer Joel Radvanyi – and a brief discussion about cooking aubergines – the ensemble squeezed into Studio 2, and at 7:10pm they were live! The red light turned on and Mr Norris opened the interview, explaining that the competition is “a celebration of music, giving some of the most talented musicians a chance to showcase their talent.”

One of the 2016 winners, Simon (DP2 student), informed the 5,000 listeners that “seeing fellow students enjoy music” inspired him to take up classical guitar. Likewise, Paul (DP1) accredits his impressive cello-playing skills to being enthused at age six after “watching a really cool concert.” The third winner, Hana (MYP5), revealed that her talents span beyond merely playing the accordion to actually designing and building her very own! Finally, Mr Westphalen, violinist at the Sinfonieorchester Basel, who coaches the school’s Instant Orchestra, concluded that the orchestra “would love to see more young people in the audience,” explaining that the competition is a perfect opportunity to spark interest in classical music.

The interview at The English Show provided listeners with valuable insight into the various musical prospects at ISB, as well as allowing the 2016 competition winners the chance to speak on live radio for the first time. Who knows, maybe we have some future DJs or radio presenters in our midst?!

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Article by Ella, DP1

If you would like to hear the Radio X interview, click here