Charlotte Kohn & the BSMS UK Medical Experience
Posted 22/06/2017 17:19

ISB Alumni Charlotte Kohn (Class of 2012) & the BSMS UK Medical Experience

 June 2011: BSMS UK Medical School Experience (Charlotte Kohn - 7th from left)

I graduated from the ISB in 2012 before embarking on a 5-year course at Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS). Having lived in Switzerland for 6 years, adjusting to UK life was initially challenging, especially the lack of Swiss time keeping!

I chose to study at BSMS after a visit during an open day where I was greeted with friendly faces and a team of passionate and engaging faculty. I was then lucky enough to take part in a 3-day course organised by the medical school at the ISB during June 2011- little did I know that I would one day be returning to teach it! We spent 3 days learning about the UK health care system, the different types of university courses and even practicing some undergraduate medicine. It was a fantastic time and reaffirmed my ambition to study in the UK.

BSMS is a relatively new medical school, which celebrated its 10-year anniversary during my 2nd year of study. It offers an integrated course, which features clinical experience from week 1 and the opportunity to do full body dissection. BSMS provided ample opportunity to get involved in research, extra-curriculars and university life. During my 5 years I have run a marathon, published a research paper and organised a national undergraduate conference, as well as explored the wonderful city of Brighton and surrounding countryside. I would strongly recommend anyone considering applying to the UK for medicine to give BSMS a visit. Coming from an international background, I found Brighton a welcoming, multicultural, exciting place to study.

I have just completed my 5 years of study and was offered the opportunity to return to the ISB and run the same course I attended all those years ago. It was a surreal experience returning to the place where it all began and teaching in the room where my graduation handprint was now hidden behind a whiteboard! The 3 days featured both new sessions and those I had once listened to as an aspiring medical student. We had a fantastic group of MYP and DP students who practiced taking blood pressures and medical histories as well as performing extremely well in our mock interviews.

I loved my time at BSMS and it was wonderful to reflect on the past 5 years whilst (hopefully) encouraging and inspiring a new generation of international medical students. I would like to thank the staff at ISB (and BSMS) for helping me to get to where I am now: 6 weeks away from starting work as a Foundation Year 1 Doctor in the UK.

by ISB Alumni, Charlotte Kohn (Class of 2012)

June 2017: BSMS UK Medical School Experience (Charlotte Kohn - 5th from left)