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ISB supports appropriate charities and organisations and encourages student awareness and engagement, thereby fostering a spirit of community at global and local levels.

For several years, ISB has contributed regularly to a number of long-term service projects and charities. As a result, ISB students are able to comprehend, and sometimes witness first-hand, the ongoing positive impact of their involvement.

ISB Schoolwide Charity Organizations 2016-17

Burkina Faso Project

This joint project with the Aesch Gemeinde raises funds to supply a daily hot meal for students at an elementary school in Burkina Faso.

Reuben Monareng Primary School

Reuben Monareng is a Primary School (Grades 0-6) in the suburb of Tlhabane just outside Rustenburg, a town 150 km northwest of Johannesburg. In Tlhabane there are 8 primary schools, 3 middle schools and 4 high schools. Reuben Monareng Primary School has approximately 800 students with an average class size of over 40. Often the children are either orphaned (many due to HIV/Aids), in single parent families or have parents who are unemployed. The school is dependent on meagre government funds, which means that there is very little money, certainly not enough for ‘luxuries’ like reading books, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, nor for decent facilities for its pupils.

As part of the South Africa Educational Trip, students from ISB have been visiting this school since 2003. At that time we raised funds to provide the school with several computers. Since then, ISB donations have paid to grass a field with bore hole irrigation, build a library and buy books for the library. Students from ISB continue to raise funds to buy further library books and for the current project, which is to upgrade the ablution blocks at the school.

Tanzania CAS Project

The Tanzania CAS Project supports the “Roots and Shoots”, a local school, the Upendo Orphanage in Moshi

The centre provides a home for up to 60 children. Some of them lost their mothers during delivery, other newborns were left behind in the hospital and others were abandoned. 

Six child care workers - the mamas - care for the children and their education. They are supported by 40 students, who are enrolled in a two years course to become nursery nurses or nursery teachers. They live and study in the college located on the compound.

Terry Fox Foundation

Nineteen year-old Terry Fox was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma (cancer of the leg) in 1977. Whilst in hospital undergoing the amputation of his right leg (15 cm above the knee) the former high school athlete was so overcome at the suffering of fellow cancer patients that he decided to run a "Marathon of Hope" across Canada. His goal was to raise 24 million dollars; one dollar for each Canadian citizen.

In 1980, after months of painful training, he began his run without much national attention. He ran an average of 42 kilometers each day for 143 days; surely and steadily he started to gain recognition for his achievements and ultimately he inspired a nation. He was forced to return home on September 1 when the cancer spread to his lungs. Terry died in June, 1981.

Internationally, Terry’s "Marathon of Hope" continues. People around the world continue his effort to increase awareness of cancer and raise funds for scientific research and development. He has received many honours; for example, his mother was involved in the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Olympic Games. Fittingly, she helped light the flame.

Terry always showed a passion for helping children. It was a cause most close to his heart. Since, children have helped by showing the same integrity and passion for raising awareness. The Foundation has raised over 600 million dollars to support cancer research and treatment since Terry’s marathon began. For more information, please visit

About ISB

Situated in a beautiful and dynamic region of Switzerland, ISB is an English-speaking international day school which provides students aged 3-18 with the education, support and inspiration they need to become global citizens.



ISB has many years’ experience supporting students and families from all over the world. We accept students throughout the School year, dependent on availability of space and fulfillment of entry requirements. 


ISB is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. Currently studied by over one million students in 148 countries, the IB prepares students with the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills needed to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalising world.


ISB is situated on three campuses, all easily accessible by public transport.

Student Services

The facilities, technological and personnel support on offer at ISB make a vital contribution to the academic, social and emotional development of all students at the School.

Student Life

Sports, drama, music, art, debate, representation, recreation – at ISB, there are numerous ways for students of all ages to cooperate and compete to improve existing skills or try something new.

Parent Community


Individual parents and parent groups constitute an indispensable part of the vibrant community of ISB. 

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