Reinach Campus Suit Day
Posted 22/04/2013 15:21

Reinach Campus Suit Day

Stephen Sutton is 18 years old and currently fighting incurable cancer. A former friend of Madeline Metcalf (11th grader), he attended the ISB High School Prom and also visited the school this year. Many of us were moved by his story, and his positive attitude in general, a memorable moment being when he said that he considered himself luckier than most cancer sufferers, not to be bound to a hospital bed. Stephen has a bucket list of things he wants to do in the time he has left; skydiving, getting a tattoo and raising £50,000 pounds for the Teenage Cancer Trust Fund being only a few. 

Madeline Metcalf, Enya Seguin, Victoria Beardsworth and myself really wanted to help Stephen achieve one of his last wishes, to raise £50,000, in whatever way we could. The idea of a "Suit Day" had previously been suggested in a Student Council meeting by 7th grade Representative, Uma Tulluri and so with the bold suit choice (neon with flowers) that Stephen had worn to Prom in mind, we set about to organise this fundraiser. One thing I don't think any of us could have imagined was the amount of support that we would receive, the donations have also been extremely generous, CHF 3036 has been raised to date!

Thank you ISB, you all looked very snazzy and contributed to an important cause, Stephen has now raised 50% of his target amount!

Caoimhe Creed
Grade 11 Student