ISB our Alumni, Willem Kistemaker

Career Talks by ISB Alumni

We are asking ISB alumni to share their career journeys with ISB students. Whatever the path, whatever the twists and turns, we want to hear it. 

Today it’s Willem Kistemaker, who was in the class of ’08 and is now an HR Project Manager at a bio-tech company called Basilea. 

William shares how he was one of those people who wasn’t sure what he wanted to do as a profession at the time of applying for university. He applied a process of elimination, choosing a degree that sounded interesting but kept the doors open for when he did decide what he wanted to do. 

William shares the many different paths his career has taken him so far and explains what it means to be an HR Project Manager. He gives reassurance to students that you can work many different jobs before finding the one you like best. 

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