ISB Alumni Sean Henry ('14) - Cycling from Canada to Chile - Part 2

Sean Henry ('14) recently graduated from the University of British Columbia with a major in physics and minor in geophysics. After working for the summer researching glaciers he decided to pursue his dream of cycling from Vancouver, Canada down to the Andes of Chile, while raising money for World Bicycle Relief.

We previously interviewed him when he was in Ecuador in February, and have just caught up with him again. Here is his latest update from Argentina:

Since my previous update, I have spent a further week riding through Ecuador, seven weeks in Peru, a week in Chile and now about a week in Argentina, where I am now. I've just passed day 200 of my trip and my total distance cycled sits at around 17 000km, and my meters climbed at about 175 000m.

The highlight of my time in Ecuador was an evening camping alone beside the impressive Cotopaxi volcano. I then continued on through the mountains of Peru where much of my time was spent around 4 000 meters above sea level.

The Andes of Peru were breathtaking, but the special moment for me in Peru was the visit from my parents. I took about ten days off from riding and did lots of sightseeing in and around Cusco with my parents. I was really grateful that I could share part of my trip with them, as they are always supportive of the adventures I take on. It was hard saying goodbye to them and getting back on the road, but I was soon riding through the Atacama desert of Chile.

Hot days and starry nights filled my time in Chile. It was also in Chile where I cycled to my highest point in this trip at around 4,820 meters above sea level, just shortly before crossing into Argentina.

Argentina is now my fourteenth and final country planned for this trip, and I look forward to getting down to Patagonia which is what inspired this trip in the first place.

I have a little over a month left planned for the trip, as I have to be back in Vancouver around the beginning of June to then go work up on the Kaskawulsh glacier in the Yukon. I also have a bit of a race to make it down south before their winter sets in, so I'm crossing my fingers that things run smoothly over the coming weeks. I would like to add that people along my path continue to be friendly and welcoming, and provide generous gestures beyond what I could ever hope for.

How can someone support you?

I'm raising money for World Bicycle Relief who are currently working to provide bicycles to students (70% girls), teachers and educational workers in rural parts of Africa. For $147, they can provide a bicycle to a student in need. With a bicycle, student attendance increases up to 28%.

You can leave a donation at World Bike Relief. No amount goes unnoticed by those in need.

Please feel free to follow my adventure on Instagram @bikesandhikes4life .

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