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Stories Untold - Issue 3

Welcome to the sun-kissed pages of our summer edition! The tales of the “Stories Untold” unfolds one last time, our final edition of the 2022–2023 school year!

As we bid farewell to another school year, it’s impossible not to shine a spotlight on our Grade 12 graduates. Their journey, triumphs, and unforgettable memories take center stage in this edition. Congratulations, graduates!

This edition is also about our remarkable teachers. Discover their secret talents and passions beyond the classroom. They’re the superheroes who inspire us every day.

Enjoy reading the Spring edition of Stories Untold!

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Stories Untold - Issue 2

Welcome to the Spring edition of our school magazine! As the weather warms up and flowers bloom, we’re excited to bring you another issue filled with insightful articles, creative artwork, and inspiring stories.

We’re thrilled to announce that this edition marks a major milestone for our magazine. With contributions from our three campuses, the magazine has officially become a whole school publication. This collaboration showcases the diversity and talent of our entire school community, and we’re honoured to feature their work. From interviews with inspiring individuals to thought-provoking essays on current events, we hope to offer something
for everyone.

Enjoy reading the Spring edition of Stories Untold!

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Stories Untold- Issue 1

International School Basel (ISB) has always been & will always be a place of stories, the hubbub of events & activities centered around its students, staff and members of our school community. In a desire to record the many stories and events unrecognized and the thoughts and feelings behind it all, this publication founded its humble beginning. Eliana, our Yearbook editor-in-chief last year, aptly named this wonderful undertaking ‘Stories Untold’.

Outside the Senior School’s office, our ever reliable Yearbook Executive committee went to work creating fun, engaging & challenging articles. It is only appropriate that I dedicate this first edition to them and to our contributors. May our collective voices be represented by these stories untold.

I hope you enjoy this first issue as much as we have enjoyed producing it.

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