Youth Forum Switzerland 2020

ISB attended the Youth Forum Switzerland (#YFS2020) hosted by the International School of Zug and Luzern on Thursday, 16 January with over 30 students. The Youth Forum is modeled on the Open Forum at Davos and it comprises of panel discussions and activities that are centered around prevalent issues in the world today. This year, two ISB students delivered a TED talk at the event about Environmental Action in Brazil. The forum also allows for numerous connections to be made, which will further strengthen ISB's drive towards sustainability.

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Water Scarcity - Grade 12 Student Raising Awareness

Manon, who is a Grade 12 Student, had her interest peaked in the global issue of Water Scarcity after learning about it in her IB Geography HL class in which she learnt about its devastating effects on a majority of the world population. Manon took this up as her CAS project and has created a video explaining the causes and consequences of this global issue, while also outlining certain steps that can be taken to help solve the issue.

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Student's Plea to Teachers

A Grade 1 student at ISB recently made a poster telling teachers to reduce the amount of paper they use by photocopying and printing less frequently, which is in line with ISB's aim of becoming an Eco-School.

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Students Lead the Way to "Be the I in Kind"

This year's theme at the Junior School at International School Basel is "Empathy." Kindness is a major part of empathy. The latest initiative is the launching of the "Be the "I" in Kind" wall sticker at our Junior School campus. Read about how our Junior School Student Council led the initiative to make the sticker a reality!

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Sustainability at ISB

It is hard to believe that it's been less than one year since the sustainability initiative started at ISB. So much has been accomplished with the aim to make our school and world a better place. Learn more about the key drivers behind the strategy, the theme for this year "Litter and Waste,"  accomplishments and next steps. Find out what you can do and how to get involved in this wonderful initiative!

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ISB Students Lending a Hand

In addition to academics, service is a large part of the learning that happens every day at International School Basel. Being located in Basel, Switzerland offers our students and staff wonderful opportunities to get involved in the local community and learn the language.

A recent project spearheaded by two ISB Senior School students, EnYu and Liv, showcased both service and language acquisition in an effort to connect with the local community. Read more about how the project resulted in over thirty Grade 11 students volunteering at the local Coop Gartenstadt interacting and helping local customers.

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Halloween Trunk or Treat 2019

At this year's Halloween Trunk or Treat, a huge effort was made by the organizing committee to make this our cleanest, greenest Halloween by reducing waste and minimizing plastic. Specific stations, known as "Eco-Points," were available to recycle waste and in the build up to the event, the Girl Scouts held costume sales, which allowed for families to donate gently used costumes for other kids to wear, so that they were not thrown in the waste. Sustainable practices were followed throughout the event, while ensuring that everyone had lots of fun!

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