ISBasel News

The 18th annual BAMUN conference, with the motto “Mastering the art of the deal” has now come to an end. This year, with 6 visiting schools from Switzerland, the conference was one of the largest ISB has ever hosted, with around 270 total participants.

For the 18th annual BAMUN conference, the motto was “mastering the art of compromise” and this years guest speaker Dr. Simon Winter spoke about the importance of compromise in terms of development projects in sub-saharan Africa and the importance of collaboration and compromise - a strong message that delegates took with them into their councils.

We decided this year to try to shine a light on some of the global events and problems that get less coverage in the media than they ought to. An example of this is the Civil War in Yemen, which the United Nations has described as the ‘worst humanitarian crisis’ on the planet. We also covered the topic of money laundering across the world, which greatly hurts several developing countries and the War in Northern Mali, an ongoing conflict in Western Africa.  The topic of our General Assembly this year was a special crisis situation that we presented to all delegates. This crisis was based on a possible escalation of the current Iranian crisis and delegates worked together to try and solve the crisis.

Alongside the committees our Press team worked tirelessly to produce a newspaper for each day of the conference which provided an overview of the conference as well as reporting on topical issues.  Our Admin team provided a great support to everyone and ensured the smooth running of the conference - well done to all concerned and the countdown to BAMUN 2021 is on!!

BAMUN Student Leadership Team