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A Successful Approach to Sustainability within the Curriculum

From January to June 2020, ISB Grade 10 students in Mr. Harlington's Design class undertook a project through the lens of Sustainability, as part of their final MYP Design task. The project was entitled ‘You are never too small to make a difference’, after a United Nations presentation by Greta Thunberg. The design department intentionally planned to help students understand dimensions of sustainability, as part of our commitment to Sustainability @ ISB. After a thought-provoking visit and presentation from one of our parents supporting ISB with this project, Mrs. Carla Della Maggiora, students researched a wide variety of potential ‘avenues’ to encourage sustainable behaviour in the ISB community. The amazing scope and level of these projects is all the more accomplished given that all students had to work under distance learning conditions throughout most of the project.

Examples of projects included:

  • Websites and applications to inform about recycling centres in Basel, and the environmental impact of office stationery
  • Labels and posters to aid recycling, 
  • Ways to reduce material waste in future student design projects
  • Sustainable headphone stand
  • A re-design of recycling bins for different ISB campuses
  • Imaginative uses of unused plastic wallets 
  • A more sustainable/flexible work space at ISB
  • Repurposing of products such as swimming pool noodles and old clothes 
  • Upcycling clothes into a sports bag
  • Re-designing ski wax packaging to minimise waste
  • Various project raising awareness of where we produce waste as a society

Some of these outcomes can be seen in the images below. Last year’s experience will inform the improvements we are planning to introduce this year. Finished design projects are submitted in December.

Storage and forming products for clothes by Nina and Robin


World Eco App by Daniel


ISB Eco build extension by Francesca


Biodegradable headphone stand by Matteo