Giving ISB Books a Second Life

“We all help”: giving books a new life

In June 2020, Sustainability@ISB developed a process to repurpose books our students would not need any longer. Instead of keeping them in shelves and classrooms, we sort them into the following categories:

  • Good condition to be used by others students in other schools
  • To be donated to the Book Brocki in Basel
  • To be recycled

With the support from parent volunteers and students, this process was completed in December 2021. Numbers speak for themselves. This process requires the willingness, time, effort and organisation of several people.Schools receiving book donations include Kids Camp International School, Sekundarschule Holbein, Primarschule Aesch, Primarschule Margarethen and Primarschule Arlesheim. They all were extremely grateful to ISB and appreciated our efforts to support them and their students.

Moving forward, we can do even better and diminish the turnaround of the process! 

The campaign in Numbers

Thank you  to our parents, Carla della Maggiora and Sarah Chakravarty!


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