The Create More Kindness card company was started in the spring of 2021 by Clara, Marie, and Katie, three students from the intensive needs program at the Reinach campus. They started this business because with Covid they were no longer able to continue their cookie selling business which had been a weekly success among the staff and students. Clara, Marie, and Katie began creating original artworks with the assistance of former ISB students, Owen Richards and Josh Downey, for a campaign to share art created by people with disabilities. The idea to begin crafting greeting cards from their art came from seeing Grace, another young woman with Down Syndrome on Instagram @graceplaceart, start her own successful card business. The INP teachers researched what materials would be necessary to start a card business and helped to scaffold the work in ways that the students could take over the responsibility.

In June 2021, the girls were already able to donate 550 CHF to the Jacaranda Foundation. The girls chose to donate to this charity because this foundation helps orphans in Malawi to receive care and an education. The girls are getting prepared to donate more than 2,000 CHF at the semester and will continue to support this charity with the profits from their business. So far the girls have sold more than 150 boxes and are constantly receiving new orders from members of the ISB community. At this time, the girls only work twice a week on this project as part of their learning plan so they are only able to reach out to small groups at a time for new orders. 

Recently, the girls also found success selling at the annual Winter Market at Aesch where they sold more than 20 boxes of cards and many individual cards from their live demo. The cards will also be sold on the opening night of the school musical, Elf, if you haven’t picked up the perfect holiday gift yet! The girls also have plans to sell their original works of art in an auction format but have not quite yet worked out how this plan will become a reality. 

If you’re interested in finding out more you can check out their website and their Instagram account. Marie is in charge of keeping the Instagram updated so there are always some fun photos of the business activities. Also, there are two virtual galleries where you can experience their art as if you are in a museum. 












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