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How Grade 9 Design Students Got a Taste of Industry

How Grade 9 Design Students Got a Taste of Industry 

Grade 9 Design For Manufacture Presentations 

For their unit ‘Design for Manufacture (Innovation)’ students were asked to look at existing designs and critically analyse them. They then needed to investigate design problem opportunities and either improve an existing design or invent a new product. Their required specifications included:

  • Be either environmentally friendly or solve an environmental problem
  • Light should be used as a component but not be the main feature 
  • Be innovative

During the unit students were introduced to the Fusion 360 software - a powerful engineering industry program where they could create and design their products. They could also use it to see fusing and virtual animation features on how parts would be assembled after they created their work. Students were taught to learn this program via a series of video tutorials. They then created their own design using Fusion 360.

Two professional industrial and mechanical engineers were then invited to speak to some of the students online and give them feedback about their work. 

We invite you to watch some of their presentation and interview as part of their Criterion D: Testing and Evaluation of their work. This was a great opportunity for the students to see their work from an industry perspective.