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The Grade 9 Service Project With a Sustainable Message 

As part of their Service Project a group of Grade 9 students have put together a video about recycling paper at ISB. 

"We created this video as a part of our Grade 9 Service Project in the hope that it may help people in our community to be better informed about why recycling paper is important, particularly its impact on the environment. We also hope this video will inspire people to recycle paper and use less paper, or use paper that has previously been recycled. We chose this topic because we felt that it was an issue that directly related to us as members of the ISB community. We also felt that although the school’s Environmental Society has touched on this issue several times before, it felt as though there was limited transparency: we were never given values and statistics that could help us visualize how much paper we use, and we were never told what happens to the paper once we recycle it, and therefore if recycling was even that impactful."

We invite you to watch their video below.