Green Disco Divas

Friday 13th May was abuzz in ISB Junior School with the most amazing outfits and some awesome dance moves. Yes we’re talking about the most happening event of the year: Grade 4 and 5 Disco!

Thanks to our hard working disco diva organisers, Rebecca Bower and Steve Ayling, our students rocked it up until the early hours of the evening!  The smells of barbecuing wafted through the afternoon air. Ice lollies provided a much needed cool down!  

But of course with food and snacks comes the inevitable dirty word: trash. Sustainability@ISB worked hard to ensure that the trash was sorted and organised into the right places.  Food was composted, paper plates were wiped clean and recycled in the paper bins, ice lolly wrappers went into the Sammelsacks and the ice lolly sticks were washed and sent to EC1-3 to do amazing arts and crafts.  Nothing was wasted and we actually didn’t generate any normal trash at all!!  Thanks go to our Sustainability crew Molly Cranston (Grade 5) and Georgia Bradford, Ms. Dugre and Mrs. Adam.  Go Green Dragons!!!!

We also want to say a huge thank you to everyone who gave up their time to be at the dragon disco on Friday! The best bouncers, dancers, videographers, green recyclers and supports we could have asked for! 

Thank you, Nani, Virginia, Lari, Emily & Emily Susan D, Amanda, Nat A, Robin, Jeff, Laura,  Nathalie, Adam, Mari, Daniel, Sandy, Marcus, Cydalise & Doug….. (we apologise if we have missed someone!) Also a special thanks to Jemima's mum Peggy Sue Corkingdale for coordinating the wonderful parent support. Big thanks also to Neko and Ludovic for their help setting up and for Tori and Maria being so flexible with the Aula use. And to Marcello, Lai and the canteen staff, as well as all of Aspire who were flexible with the space too...thank you to all for making it a wonderful event!



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