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ISB Awarded Eco-Schools Green Flag

ISB was recently awarded the Eco-Schools Green Flag award. We’ve now received our Green Flags, one for each campus, and these will be displayed with great pride soon! To earn this honour, schools have to perform to a high standard in the Eco-Schools Seven Steps (2 year) programme. We chose the theme Litter and Waste.

The judges, international experts in sustainability, highlighted the following about ISB’s achievements:

The strong involvement of the whole school community ‘the whole-school implementation of the project across the three campuses was remarkable’, ‘an impressive and strong sense of community and enthusiasm was conveyed in the student testimonials’,

‘ISB is the kind of school where students voices are really heard, taken seriously and supported’.

The diverse and targeted communication - ‘Excellent involvement and communication with the wider school community!’.

The dedication to the long-term - ‘..authentic interest in making the school more ecologically sustainable’.

ISB’s success in incorporating sustainability into the classroom and connections with the local community - 'the theme of waste was integrated into various subjects in the curriculum across the grades and how activities in the classroom were extended into the local community, like trips to the recycling centre’.

Check out Eco-Schools national and global websites where ISB’s project is featured. This is a testament to the dedication and drive of each person who has made our sustainability projects happen. Look out for a Green Flag near you soon!