International Festival - International Sustainability

On Saturday, 4 June, ISB saw its 31st annual International Festival, bringing together 17 different stands from different nationalities and 32 external vendor booths from the local community. The Festival was one of the year’s highlights at ISB where we experienced first hand cultural diversity and international mindedness being celebrated and fused together in a colourful array of cultural festivities,  bursting flavours and mouth watering aromas. Many of the country booths were serving delicacies from their home cultures, freshly made and dished up with a warm smile using biodegradable cutlery, plates, cups and napkins provided by the Community Association.

Inevitable with all public events comes a dirty word: trash!  Sustainability@ISB endeavoured to make this year’s International Festival green and friendly to the Earth! Students and Teachers from The Green Team and The Environmental Society as well as members from the CA provided still and carbonated water throughout the day to quench people’s thirst after taste buds had been tantalised!  This was a massive help as it drastically reduced our plastic waste and actively encouraged our ISB community to bring reusable water bottles. 

In addition to this, the Eco Point at the International Festival encouraged people to sort their waste and ensure that minimal trash was generated.  Plastics were separated into Sammelsacks, bottles clinked their way into the glass recycling, aluminium foil and cans proved their mettle 😜 when thrown in the aluminium recycling, leftovers were composted and cardboard and paper flew their way into the right place too!!  

With over 2,500 people eating and drinking, this was a big undertaking. People of the International Festival not only celebrated cultural diversity but also showed their commitment to caring for our planet. Together we are stronger and can help to leave a healthier planet for future generations. Go Green Basel Dragons!

Thank you to everyone who gave up their time to make this possible!