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Meat Free Days @ISB

Today we are proud to celebrate our first ever Meat Free Day at ISB. Meat consumption @ ISB is a student-led project organized by Matteo Grade 11, Arianna Grade 11, and Lavanya Grade 9, as part of the Environmental Society activities. Here they explain the project to us:

"On Tuesday, 16 March, the group has planned a meat free day. On this day only vegetarian food will be served at the cafeteria, to raise awareness on the health benefits of a vegetarian and the consequences of eating meat. To support this we have also made an infographic outlining ways to have a balanced vegetarian diet, and the consequences the meat industry has on the environment. These meat free days will take place once a month from now: 16 March, 15 April, 17 May and 15 June. After the first day on the 16th, we will send out a survey to see people's opinions on the project and understand what they would like to have next. If the feedback is positive then we will perhaps increase the number of times there is a meat free day at school."

Click here to view the infographic 

Watch the video below to learn more.