The ISB Naked Food Challenge

To celebrate Earth Day, members of the student-lead ISB Sustainability Eco-Council inspired our Junior School campus to by taking week-long action on plastic waste. All Junior School classes were challenged to reduce their single-use plastic waste and only bring in naked food (food without any single-use packaging) for the entire week.

Each day, every class recorded the number of single-use plastic items they placed in their class Sammelsack recycling bag and shared their data. The following day, the classes with zero single-use plastic waste received a visit from a special friend (Gus!), who presented them with a Green Heroes certificate. 

The results were dramatic. As a campus, our numbers dropped from 193 pieces on Monday to 57 on Friday– that’s a 30% reduction! Congratulations to everyone for this amazing result and your efforts for a more sustainable campus.

At the end of the week, the 3 classes with the least single-use plastic were crowned as the Green Heroes of the challenge, and were celebrated at an ice cream party. Bravo to EC3JH Purple Penguins, 3SD Green Iguanas, 5DC Red Watermelons!

Together, we made a difference. Still, it gives us pause to consider that in this one week, our campus generated 530 pieces of plastic waste at snack time alone. Let’s continue on the path of zero waste at snack time, so we can all be Green Heroes! 

Yours in sustainability,

Emily Adam, Susan Dugré and Sara Gomes
Junior School Eco-Council leaders