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Early Childhood Students Meet a Robotics Team!

Students in Early Childhood 2 had an exiting virtual session with a young robotics team based in Romania. Here, their teacher, Elisabeth Nelson, tell us in more detail how it came about:

"The students in EC2EN started to show interest in robots and wanted to know more. We started the inquiry by giving the children time to explore and play with two types of robots, the Beebot, which you program by using arrows to tell where to go, and the Thymio robot which has 6 basic behaviors you can program by hand movement and later use scratch for programming. 

Along the way, we have been working with Mr. Larry, our Media Centre Assistant, who has helped us to learn about coding. 

I have been volunteering for KidsTechWorld (First Tech Challenge Event) where I met the robotics team, and have been showing the children some of the robots they have been making for competitions. The children started to ask questions I could not answer so I got in contact with the team. They were very excited to meet us virtually to answer the children's questions.

After our virtual call with the robotic team, here are a few of the children’s comments.

Finn: I learned that lego has great robotic kits where you can learn all about coding.

Wilder: That lego makes robots you can program.

Josh: I felt empowered as I could ask questions.

Omar: I felt good about being in a Zoom meeting like my dad. "

Watch the highlights video below!