Over the past year, social injustices around the world have come into the global spotlight. The SAID (Student Advocacy of Inclusivity and Diversity) committee is a student group at ISB that aims to shine a communal spotlight on these issues. The goal of our initiative is to educate, advocate for and raise awareness about social injustices on a local and international scale. We especially want to highlight the voices in our community that otherwise may not be heard. 

Within our dedicated group of individuals we have several sub-committees that are in charge of the outputs we create; our website, the articles, our social media page on Instagram, informative videos and our podcast (which can also be found on Spotify). Our website is the main hub where all of the previously mentioned resources can be found, along with an About page where you can meet our team. 

The articles on our website are all student-written, very well-researched and cover an extremely wide range of topics within the larger areas we cover: Race, the LGBTQ+ community and Feminism. Our articles are not only informative themselves, but the majority include links which act as both the sources we used and further reading on the topic. 

Our social media page on Instagram is an incredibly informative resource as well. It regularly updates the articles written, the podcasts uploaded and the significance of awareness days and months. It also informs a public forum on what SAID is up to and how people can get involved. 

The videos found on the website are of different students and their experiences with racially targeted incidents since arriving here at ISB, and their thoughts on our community’s approach to this topic. 

Finally, our podcasts are student-hosted and the topics covered work in tandem with the articles and social media posts. Two are released each week, a topical podcast which features guests and a current news podcast which is the hosts discussing an event that is happening in the world. 

Each month, our heads of articles write an update that is released in the ISB newsletter. We highlight some of the month’s achievements, several key projects we are currently working on and what our audience can expect in the near future. 

As well as this, our newsletter section links to our website where you can find articles written on monthly topics, for example Native American Heritage month or UK Black History Month - all of which can be found under the ‘Newsletter’ tag. These articles are released onto the website after the newsletter is sent to the ISB community. Our newsletter articles allow us to cover more relevant topics that coincide with days/months of celebration and awareness around the world and are very informative in terms of what each day consists of. 

If you would like to contribute to SAID, we would love to hear from you! To be a guest on our podcast, write articles, suggest topics we should cover or to share any experiences you might have had, simply reach out to our email address: or DM us on Instagram @thesaidcommittee. 

By: Alia and Emilija


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