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Staff Spotlight: Didier Nehr

Staff Spotlight: Didier Nehr

Interview with ISB Teacher, Didier Nehr

We asked a selection of staff, new, long-standing and those who have been here for a few years, to answer a series of questions about their time at ISB and life here in Basel. It is a great privilege to have staff from so many different backgrounds and experiences. It is what makes us a diverse, international community.

Didier Nehr is one of our longest-standing members of the community. He started teaching at ISB in 1993. 

Didier Nehr, PE Teacher
When did you first start teaching at ISB?

I started teaching at the ISB in April 1993 as a substitute teacher. I then got a permanent position in August.

What subject(s) have you taught during your time at ISB?

I have always taught Physical Education at the Primary School. I was a French teacher for two years (Grade 4 and 5).

What are some of the biggest differences from ISB when you started to ISB today?

I still picture my first class at the Hamisgarten School in Bottmingen, a large villa surrounded by fields and sheep! I also remember the small gym with a concrete post in the middle of it! When the school became bigger we were renting schools, business offices and apartments to fit all the students. We were in more than 10 different locations and this was rather challenging for staff and students. The Reinach Campus and then later the Aesch Campus were built with amazing facilities. I was so proud to teach in my own gym!

If you could sum up your experience so far at ISB in three words what would they be?

Inspiring - Fun - Happiness

What tactics do you use to keep your teaching fresh? 

I try to keep the same enthusiasm as when I first started at the ISB. Becoming a Physical Education teacher was always my dream! Education and Physical Education is a passion of mine. The school also gives opportunities to staff to develop professionally. I hope to bring the young students I teach as much happiness, as they bring to me.

Can you share a favourite memory with us?

I remember a soccer competition in Berne. In those days we had no minibuses and no mobile phones. The parents were driving the students to the competition. A couple of parents got lost somewhere between Basel and Berne and I started the first game with only three players! 

Another favourite moment is when I made it possible for a student that was unable to walk and was in a wheelchair to join ski camp. What a joy to see her sliding down on a sledge with her instructor. I still can see her smile following a ski group!

What would the students be surprised to find out about you?

I sometimes like to listen to traditional Swiss music!

What is your favourite thing about living and working here?

I have been asked many times if staying so long at the ISB ever becomes boring. My answer is always the same: NO! The school may have changed over the years but there is always something new happening at the ISB. In these years I have met so many wonderful and dedicated colleagues, and amazing students and parents.