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Staff Spotlight: Mandy Butterworth and Craig Brown

Staff Spotlight: Mandy Butterworth and Craig Brown

Interview with ISB Teachers, Mandy Butterworth and Craig Brown

We asked a selection of staff, new, long-standing and those who have been here for a few years, to answer a series of questions about their time at ISB and life here in Basel. It is a great privilege to have staff from so many different backgrounds and experiences. It is what makes us a diverse, international community.

Mandy and Craig are one of our married teaching couples at ISB. They moved here in August 2019 and are now well into their second year teaching at ISB. 

Where did you move to Basel from? How does life here compare to there?

Before moving to Basel/ISB we were living and working in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand for 3 years at an international school there. I don't think you could get a more vastly different place to Basel in comparison - the food, the weather etc. - is all totally different. Our life here obviously is a far cry from the tropical jungle we came from. One thing has stayed the same - both the Thai people and the Swiss people have been so nice and welcoming to us. We can also still get Pad Thai at Markethalle here in town - it's just a tad bit more expensive than the roadside stalls of Thailand! 

What subject(s) have you taught during your time at ISB?

Craig: I teach DP History and Global Politics as well as MYP Individuals and Societies. 

Mandy: I teach DP Geography and MYP Individuals and Societies.

If you could sum up your experiences over the last year in three words what would they be? 

Craig: Exciting, adventure, fun! 

Mandy: Fun, outdoorsy and tasty!

What makes a ‘good day’ at school?

Craig: It's the little things - just seeing your students smile and enjoying themselves whether in your lessons or just in school in general. It reminds us that we are in a good place and that the school really is built on a foundation of kindness. 

Mandy: A good day at school is invariably in the classroom where students inevitably make me laugh or ask some great questions that make me think.

Can you share a favourite memory so far?

Craig: Snow this morning!!! Sorry but it is a novelty coming from Thailand!  You can spot the Aussie can't you....  

Mandy: A favourite memory for me is the first Geography field trip to Lauterbrunnen. It was jaw droppingly beautiful and a great day getting to know the students in a different light.  As a geographer you could not ask for a better classroom for the day.

What has surprised you most about living and working here?

Craig: Just how much there is to do right on your doorstep. There is no shortage of hikes and walks we can do right from our apartment and you can often find us up in the hills of the Kluse or Bruderholz stomping around with our two children of a weekend. Further out from that of course is the vast array of mountains and lakes on offer that are so easily accessible during the holidays or even day trips!

Mandy: I love the outdoor culture and how it is an integral part of life and how much our own children just relish it.