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Students Lead the Way to "Be the "I" in Kind"

This year's theme at the Junior School at International School Basel is "Empathy." Kindness is a major part of empathy. The latest initiative is the launching of the "Be the "I" in Kind" wall sticker at our Junior School campus. 

Working out the Logistics

Earlier this academic year, Student Council students worked on the project and measured the designated wall where the sticker would live.

Choosing the Design

They then worked on surveying the Junior School students to determine the most popular design for the wall sticker. After the final design was chosen, the school produced the sticker and it was time to mount it.

Mounting the Sticker

The Final Product

The students came down to oversee the mounting of the sticker and the first ever photo to "Be the "I" in Kind" was taken!

Now our wall sticker proudly hangs on the wall of our Junior School for all students and families to be part of our Kindness movement. A big thank you to the Junior School Student Council for working so hard on the project to make it a reality!