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Sustainability at ISB

Over the last 10 months, you may have read about, heard and experienced different initiatives at ISB all of which aim at making our school and the world a better place. Whilst these events may be seen by some members of the community in isolation, there is an underlying purpose and strategy, which are the driving force behind this school wide initiative.

Sustainability Strategy Key Drivers

  • Student-led initiatives with adult support (i.e. societies and bake sales)
  • Parent community engagement
  • Teachers and school administration involvement
  • Whole-school direction with campus specific (age appropriate) activities
  • Engagement with local community
  • Rooted in professional knowledge and expertise

Annual Theme

Our theme for the year is “Litter and Waste” and our vision is to use waste as a resource and not simply trash.


We are proud to share our accomplishments with the ISB community:

  1. ISB is now an Eco-Schools member. The fee for the first year is being funded by any events that take place such as bake sales, discos and many other eco-friendly events, all of which are supported by the Community Association. The framework provided by Eco-Schools allows ISB to structurize and drive the work being done in the school community. We will purpose the Eco-Schools award, although our work is not centered around this goal only.

  2. We have created an Eco-Committee, with representation from school stakeholders and all three campuses. 

  3. A dedicated sustainability page was launched to keep the community updated on progress, events and tips.

Sustainability Page (Parents)
Sustainability Page (Students)

  1. Each campus has a Sustainability Coordinator (staff members) supported by parents who work directly with the students’ groups listed below along with some of their projects:

  • Green Warriors (Early Childhood): Composting initiative in all classrooms 
  • Eco Council (Grade 1-5): Waste audit and Eco Board 
  • Eco Team (Fiechten): Conservation (bee project), Reducing waste, Tips in Basel to help ISB families go greener 
  • Environmental Society (Reinach): Clothing Swap 20 March, 2020, Sustainability blog on website, Paint waste awareness

Next steps

An audit will be carried out between November to February, approximately, in order to find out how our school deals with waste.This means that the following tasks need to be carried out:

  1. Auditing ISB practices and processes for managing waste, which has been started by students on each campus by documenting waste management systems (which is done outside of class time). Additionally, they will carry out interviews to learn how waste is handled at school
  2. Environmental society students will be carrying out a survey to assess our community's understanding of waste management
  3. Identifying where and when teachers address this dimension within the taught curriculum. 

What can you do?

  1. Support students with their activities/events related to sustainability.

  2. Continue to raise awareness and support more sustainable practices at school and home.

  3. Stay tuned! We will add a section on the Sustainability @ISB page, on waste management tips in Basel!

Please note, a lot of the work might not be visible yet, but we are taking small steps to ensure 'sustainable' change.

A big thank you to all teachers, students and parents supporting this initiative. Lots of dedication, time and commitment which deserves our admiration and support!


Join the Community Association Sustainability Team