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The Green Walk

On Thursday, 10 September 2020, The Green Walk took place in Basel. 

The group of five participants spent a couple hours discovering local shops that can help us reduce the footprint on the environment. All the shops are easily accessible close to Bahnhof Basel SBB (the main railway station in Basel). 

We started off at Abfüllerei, a shop where everything is sold in bulk or in depot containers. By bringing your own container you reduce your packaging waste to zero! After some words from the owner about the concept of the shop and some shopping we went on to the Bücher Brocki, a big brocki full of books in German, English and other languages. 


Just a block away from the Brocki we met up with Roy at Revendo where you can repair your Apple device and buy used ones. We had an interesting tour about their sustainable concept among loads of screens and coverages made of reused material such as old jackets.


Our last stop on this road was the Backwaren Outlet. Here we listened to an excellent guided tour while having coffee and croissants. At Backwaren Outlet they basically sell one day old, but still fresh, bread, cakes and pastries to prevent food waste. Early every day they collect loads of bread from bakeries in Basel. 

To reach our very last stop we crossed the railway and went to Markthalle. Here we went to Rep Statt, a place where almost every item you have in your home can be repaired. Reuse instead of buying new stuff!