Trusted Adults

Trusted Adults

For a number of years now, we have been building a common language in ISB Junior School and one of those common and incredibly vital terms is "Trusted Adults". These are the adults they can talk to about anything, who help and who make them feel happy and safe when they’re around them. 

In Junior School, we talk with children about identifying their trusted adults both inside and outside of school, who they can talk to about anything that might be on their minds or troubling them. We want students to know that they are not alone with difficult situations and feelings. Students are encouraged to share any scared, sad, angry, uncomfortable, worried, excited and happy feelings with these adults, knowing that they have different trusted adults they can go to in different situations.


Trusted adults in ISB Junior School...

"We all help"

At school your child's trusted adults might be any of the Junior School staff. ​​ 

We encourage all parents to reinforce this idea at home by helping their child identify who their 5 trusted adults are...


Attributes of a trusted adult

Our Grade 5 students identified the qualities they look for in their trusted adults...

  • Trustworthy, has knowledge, sensible, honest, kind, nice, sharing, caring and understanding

  • Shares advice and cares about you

  • They listen to you and believe in you

  • You can tell them whatever you want / everything

  • Responsible, mature, qualified

  • Feel safe and comfortable around them

  • Good role models, not cursing or smoking

  • You know them well and they will always try to help you

  • I can talk to them about puberty

  • Sweet and funny

  • They spend a lot of time with you

  • They respect you

  • Good listening skills

  • They can hear my secrets and help me with my problems

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