Digital Digest - December 13, 2018

As we move into the holidays you might be thinking: where can I find some intriguing neuroscience research on children’s brains and technology? It’s natural to feel this way and as such, we’d like to share this great resource with you! The site itself is great, but this resource, in particular, is a fantastic breakdown of what we know about a range of issues to do with technology and child development. Dr Rosen says, “These clips are taken from an interview done for an upcoming documentary on the impact of technology on our connection to others in both the real and virtual worlds. Each clip shows an answer to one of many questions that I am asked in media interviews and gives a flavor of my perspective on various technology-related issues.” In case you’re less into academics speaking on their research ad nauseum, the list of topics addressed is below and is linked on the site. You can simply click on them to skip to that chapter in the video. Have a great break and see you when we get back for our third installment of the Tech Talks with Parents series!

Topics addressed and timestamp as shown on website:

How Different Generations Approach Technology Differently (0:00)

Generation “C” (1:37)

Communicating with the Younger Generation (4:02)

Digital Natives vs. Digital Immigrants (5:29)

Teaching Across Generations (6:49)

Multitasking or Task Switching? (7:42)

Educating Distracted Students (8:55)

Generational Differences in the Workplace (11:59)

Creativity (13:53)

Communicating Behind the Screen (15:12)

Cyberbullying (17:42)

Parenting High Tech Kids (18:18)

Humans Communicating Electronically (19:53)

Communicating in the Virtual World (20:59)

Technology Has Changed Our Routines (21:54)

Sleeping with our technologies (23:01)

Communicating in the New Millennium: Empathy Behind the Screen (23:56)

iDisorder (25:15)

Reconnecting With the Real World by Resetting Your Brain (26:53)

TechnoCocoons and the Family (28:12)

Sexual Predators, Cyberbullying and Parental Fears (29:51)

Our Future Relationship With Technology (31:46)