Digital Digest - January 10, 2020

Welcome back from the break! We hope you got some good family time in and with is some of that sweet, often undersold, reading time. Speaking of reading, this is an interesting article on the change digital reading has made on the art itself. As with all things in technology, the article hits on the idea of balance. If online reading is mainly short term texts and Instagram comments, then we shouldn’t forgo the longer reading experience of books and the importance of getting into a story and devoting time to it. At ISB we do a yearly survey on a range of technology metrics, and it consistently shows students prefer reading longer texts on paper. This is one of the reasons why in English and Modern Foreign Language, we will always provide novels to our students to mark up and read physically, rather than attempting to use digital readers. Education Technology is about looking at what works and in which context, and helping guide students learning experiences towards that. When it comes to reading, curling up with a good old fashioned novel is still a very important thing to do and comes with the EdTech departments stamp of approval. In 2020, a great resolution for us as a community would be to try to make the last thing we read before we go to sleep, a book, rather than a screen. Happy New Year!