Digital Digest - November 22, 2018

This week we continue with our celebration of student endeavors in the technology space! There are three to highlight this week that really shine a light on how ISB is reaching out beyond its walls to spread our learning and values.

OeSA Laptop Donation

OeSA is an organization that supports asylum seekers in Basel. Last year they reached out to us to see if we had laptops to donate to support the integration of refugees into Swiss society. In this vein, ISB has answered the call, and our very own Toby Royal has undertaken this as his Grade 10 Personal Project. He will be collecting and reformatting old computers to give them a new life as Chromebooks. Teaming up with Mr Green and Mr Brown's Global Politics classes, ISB will then donate the hardware as well as hold tutorial sessions to teach the asylum seekers on how to use the laptops and give them the basic skills and tutorials they need to succeed. This will include resume making, using spreadsheets, setting up communication links with friends and neighbors in the country they left, and several other core basics. If you have a laptop to donate please visit to learn more about this fantastic community program we are proud to offer.

Josh Downey’s Disability Rights Podcast

After the successful launch of the JD Dragon tours of Basel last year, Josh is at it again with a new project: Josh Downey’s Disability Rights podcast (now live on Spotify)! The podcast is part of a larger initiative to raise awareness about the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Josh has been interviewing teachers and community members from around the world on disability rights in their countries and regions.  Season 1 is now live on Spotify at the link above with six episodes covering a range of interesting topics and outlining the state of affairs of Disability Rights around the world. Needless to say, when I think about our ISB mission: “We all want to learn more; We all do it in different ways; We all have fun learning; & We all help,” I can’t think of a better exemplar than Josh and the impact he is making on our behalf. Well done Josh!

Robotics Streaming

This weekend past, the ISB Tech Crew was at it again, live streaming the All-Switzerland MakeX Robotics tournament. Three ISB teams from Fiechten competed in the tournament which featured over 25 teams from across the country. It was held at Reinach on Saturday, and everyone had an awesome time! I particularly enjoyed the robotics showcases where we got to play with robots and see how, with a dream and a bit of elbow grease, you can bring your vision to reality. This along with the Volleyball stream are still being processed and will be included in a future newsletter. Watch this space for that and more amazing ISB student accomplishments.