Digital Digest - November 29, 2018

This week we want to turn to the research and some new census data provided by Common Sense Media on tween/teen media use. Common Sense is the resource we use for our Digital Citizenship Curriculum and is a great parent resource for all things from movie reviews, to technology topics for discussion. The short video they provide is informative, but I strongly recommend reading the longer report so it can provide context to the findings. Needless to say use of media is increasing, showing a doubling in some uses over the last four years. This is true of screen usage. Notably for screen time, a distinction is made between school related tasks and leisure media. This distinction is important as it lets us know what is happening in a child’s brain based on what they are engaging in. Generally speaking, “productive” (school, hobby, etc) related time is not seen as detrimental while an over-abundance of leisure “consumptive” time online is. The statistics cited in the research speak to an imbalance in leisure screen time use amongst students and while this is generic data, this is something we should observe and take note of in our own context. This need for balance, and appropriate recommended “consumptive” screen time use is extrapolated on in our Home Device Guidelines page on the parent portal.