Digital Digest - November 7, 2018

This last weekend I had the privilege of working with the ISB Tech Crew (Students from Fiechten and Reinach) in launching the streaming of sports at ISB. Not only was this exciting for being able to share events with our ISB Dragon community, but it was especially exciting because it was entirely student-designed and run. This is my fourteenth year as an international teacher and my fourth international school. I have been working on teams, arranging streaming for events like this for almost as long. This was hands down the best experience of them all. I can say from experience, having worked with them for the last two years, that the Tech Crew at ISB is truly one of the jewels in our crown. For perspective, the crew started setting up for the Middle School Disco at 4pm on Friday and finished takedown at 10:30pm. They were back in the gym at 7:30am, streamed all day (with a quick McDonalds run in between), and we finished take down and clean up at 7:00pm. A group of more committed and professional students, you will not find. As a community, it is important to lift each other up and recognize commitment to exceptionalism when it is seen. In this vein, I want to share my pride in their accomplishments and all that they give to making this school the place it is. With students from Grades 7 to 12 working together; to producing creative and professional quality work; to learning by doing, and depending on one another to follow through; it was days like Saturday that this is all about. Well done Tech Crew, you make us proud!

Next weekend, Tech Crew will be back at it again, with MakeX Robotics! Three Fiechten teams are entering this nation-wide STEM-focused tournament. Tune in to the live stream at the link below to watch our Fiechten Dragons take on students from across Switzerland to see who will represent us in the world championships in Shanghai this Spring!


Password: ISBRobotics19

Volleyball recorded streams will be made available in the coming week so you can watch our Boys take the SGIS championship for 2019! We hope to make this the norm now for sporting events at ISB, as we build the digital record of our accomplishments as a school and join in them as a community.