Digital Digest - November 8, 2018

This week we’d like to take you inside the machine so to speak and give you this video tour of what learning at ISB with Google is like. This varies slightly depending on the campus you are in but generally speaking the systems we use at ISB carry from the ES to the MS to the SS and students can expect a similar learning environment all the way through. This is important, as learning with technology is about having technology benefit learning, not about learning lots of different types of technology. As such as Education Technologists our aim is to design systems using technology that are suited to the purpose of Education. We do this by being purposeful in the construction of our learning environments; the bringing of constituents together around reaching consensus on our systems; and ensuring that we have feedback from all of our community on how these systems are working in service to learning. As we grow and evolve as an institution we will need to adapt and modify our systems to best suit the goal. Through this method you can see the decision making process we take in unpacking this important issue. This is one resource that we use in training teachers and in helping to think thoughtfully about the technology we undertake to use in classes. At ISB we have a teacher committee called “The Hive” which meets monthly on technology issues and whose members are trained in using the above methodology. An exciting new development coming soon will be the introduction of a student version of this called: The Technology Council. The aim of this council is to not only be a resource on all things digital to others in the school, but also to be a conduit for ideas from the students to us. It is our aim to be able to continue further improving our systems with all stakeholders in our community having an avenue to give feedback and suggestions so our systems work the best for everyone as they are by everyone.