Digital Digest - October 25, 2018

This week I’d like to highlight and provide the resources from two-parent sessions that have been held recently. 

The first session was a “What the Tech!” session at Fiechten which went over the topic of cyberbullying. We discussed a range of issues, including the changing nature of bullying and the implications this has on the act itself in a school context. Included in the slides are video examples of lessons we give students in Fiechten and Reinach on cyberbullying and show how the topic is revisited frequently as students progress up the grades at ISB. The next in the What the Tech series for Fiechten parents is next week and will be a deep dive into Google Apps for Education. The resource from this session will be shared in next week's newsletters.

The second session was the next in the AISB sponsored ’Tech Talks for Parents’ series. We explored the question of: “What is your Tech Parenting Style?” and discussed how, even in a community of different cultures and parenting styles, we have a lot in common and can have common approaches to technology questions. Coming through these discussions is the common thread that talking about technology frequently within our community and most importantly, with our kids is the best thing we can do to be both prepared for and on top of issues that arise. The next in the series is January 15th in the new year. We will be looking at: The Magical Age of 13. See you then!