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Christmas Stories

We know that at this time of the year there is pressure to create a perfect winter break and festive season. We know you want your children to experience the magic of giving and sometimes that means a bit of stress for you, but we are writing to give you our "insider secret!" Our Junior School Counsellors are writing to tell you that every January when your child comes back to school they tell us the following things about their winter break... 

They tell us about the upside down snowman and sandcastles you built together. They tell us about Dad wearing his christmas party hat the wrong way around and the board games you played; Monopoly, Taki, Dobble. They talk about the mountains, the pranks you played and the time they jumped out from behind the door to make you jump. They tell us about the roast meal you had, the family traditions and laughs you shared. Cuddling up together on the sofa watching a movie. They recount the chats you had together in the car and how you raced down the ski slopes. They mention the baking mishaps! They tell us about waking up at 5.30am on Christmas Day and staying up till midnight on New Year’s Eve!

They mention gifts, but for them the festive season is about you and your love as a family, your time, traditions and kindness. 

What stories will your children have for us when they come back in January?

We know some students will miss seeing family and friends this year. Here's a story you might want to look at together, "Here and There". At a time when this is difficult, here are some ideas for connecting with family over the festive period...

  • Video catch ups, which could include scavenger hunts, cookalongs or read alouds (live audiobook) with relatives from afar
  • Use a cherished family ornament or decoration, to keep your family close even when they’re far away
  • Use a family favourite recipe for special dinners
  • Keep your family traditions alive
  • Send photos throughout the break and on special days
  • Research family games that can be played together online or over a video chat (e.g. pictionary)
  • Return of the snail mail: Write a letter, create a card or send a postcard
  • Open gifts together remotely 

In school, we have three little sneaky elves bringing festive cheer to the Aesch campus. Be sure to ask your children all about our new friends!

Enjoy spending quality time as a family over the winter break!

Wishing you a healthy and happy time together.


With wintery wishes,

Steve and Becca