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Distance Learning Preparations

While our teachers have been working these past two days making final preparations for Distance Learning, students completed their first assignments to prepare for their first day of Distance Learning tomorrow. Grade 8 students drew images that represent their thoughts and feeling about transitioning into this new phase of Distance Learning. 

Grade 9 and 10 students were asked their reactions to the latest news with the factual guiding question being "What is your latest news about the coronavirus, and what is your reaction?" Students were made to think critically and had to reflect, as they are made to do on a daily basis during face-to-face learning. Below is an example where the student is reflecting upon the current situation and is communication their thoughts to the teacher. This communication is a replacement to the physical contact that the students come in with teachers.

Diploma Programme students were asked to search the internet to look for sources reporting information on the coronavirus and were asked to decide if they would classify them as credible or not. Students found websites, blogs, forums, social media and news channels that had both contradicting and corroborating information.