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Dragons' Digest 14 November

Varsity Girls Football

The Varsity Girls Football Team travelled with the Varsity Boys Football & Volleyball teams to TASIS, England for the 2019 ISAA tournament. Things didn’t start well with a 5 hour delay at the airport, giving the team just 6 hours of sleep before the first day of the tournament. However, the group stayed positive throughout the journey…a common theme on this trip...

Versus IS Geneva, Nations, 0-1 loss

The team could easily have blamed lack of sleep for this result, but it was more of a case of bad luck. Harsh on the Basel team who, in the coaches biased opinion :), were the better team.

Player of the match: Alexa for keeping things tight at the back.

Versus Cobham, 3-0 win

Despite the wet pitch, the girls played some great passing football. They fully deserved the win. Impressive performances from the subs bench who looked very comfortable.

Player of the match: Lea for her passing and control in the middle of the field.

Versus Cairo, 1-2 loss

Great opening goal from Lauren, but the girls could not see out the game. Credit to Cairo who fought hard.

Player of the match: Kylie for her gutsy performance in goal. She could easily have come off with a knee injury, but chose to see out the game. Impressive

Versus Sotogrande, 4-0 win

Goals from Lea, Hannah, Lauren, and Elena who scored a great header. Special mention to Lauren who was fouled in the goalkeeper’s area, stood up and then calmly slotted home the penalty.

Player of the match: Lauren

Versus TASIS, 1-0 win

TASIS were probably favourites to win the game, having not lost on day 1, but Basel worked hard in all areas of the field. The team went down to the host school 1-0 just before half-time from a freekick. Gabriela' equaliser typified the team’s fighting display; as she drove towards the goal she never gave up - crumpling in a heap as she watched her shot go into the goal.

Player of the match: Gabriela

Versus Cairo, 2-0 win

I will remember this game for some time. Having lost already to Cairo, the girls knew this game would be tough. The cold, driving rain didn’t help either. However, midway through the first half there was a brilliant counter attacking goal from Hannah, showing her pace and ability to finish with her right foot. Gabi scored the second to put the game out of reach from Cairo.

Player of the match: Hannah, who despite injury played her last game for the team, as she is in Grade 12, and scored the decisive goal.

Final position: 3rd Place

Player of the tournament: Gabriela for her battling display in midfield.

Congratulations to all the girls. You made your coach very proud. You won as a team … and lost as a team (which is harder to accomplish). Special mention to the G12’s who played their final tournament: Lea, Hannah T, Hannah P, Vivien and Catherine. YOU WILL BE MISSED!

Mr. Hunter, Coach

Varsity Boys Volleyball

On Thursday, 7 November the Varsity Boys set off for the Basel airport along with the Varsity Boys and Girls Football teams at 2pm, en route the inaugural ISAA Varsity Volleyball Tournament in London. They did not expect to spend 5 hours at the airport due to a delay but even that could not dampen their spirits!  

After not much sleep, our first match was against TASIS London.  This match was tough - an experienced team with an English National team player hitting and serving hard. We played well and took the second set from them.  Unfortunately, it was not enough and we lost 2-1.

Our next matches against BS Netherlands and Tel Aviv were easy wins for us - both 2-0. On the first day, the players that stood out were Philip for his focus, commitment to save the ball and communication. Dimitri proved himself in the middle and showed how far he has come this season. Passing was generally good but the players were not finding their hits so much.

Day 2 saw the boys play Cairo in the semi finals.  They really raised their game for this and managed to find the hitters for some great attacks from Christian, Camden and John.  We did drop a set but came through to win 2-1 and go to the final against…….TASIS again!!  We came up with a plan the night before to stop their big hitter by putting in a 3 man block.  And it worked!!  We blocked several of his hits and really rattled him and the team.  We led the whole first set but unfortunately TASIS took the set at the end and then the next. We lost 2-0 but were super happy and proud of all we achieved.  

Final Position: 2nd Place

2nd place overall is a great result! And great end to a fantastic season! Well Done Boys!!!

Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball

The Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball Team traveled to La Chataigneraie in Nyon for the last games of the season.  The SCIS event regroups some of the biggest schools in Europe and is without a doubt the most challenging tournament of the year.

Versus International School of Zug and Luzern, 2-1 win (Set 1 - 19-25 loss: Set 2 - 25-21 win: Set 3 - 15-7 win)

Things started very well for us. The squad was extremely focused, playing hard from the first point. Unfortunately, we were also quite nervous and lost a few points due to hesitations. Therefore, the first set went to our opponent, 19-25. We came back strong in the second set, however.  After conceding an early lead, we suddenly started to play a lot better. We were a lot more mobile on the court and displayed a lot of positive energy. Thanks to Evelyn’s great attacking and Solène’s reliable serving, we came back to one set all. Momentum definitely stayed on our side during the final set, which we took in impressive fashion.

Versus International School Warsaw, 2-0 loss (Set 1 - 20-25 loss: Set 2 - 15-25 loss)

We knew that game 2 could be greater test still. Warsaw was definitely one of the gold medal favorites. ISB played some of their best volleyball in this game. The girls were consistently backing each other up, and covering every corner of the court efficiently. We managed to stay level with our opponents deep into the first set but it slipped away nevertheless. In order to provide a bit of rest to some of the starters, the coach made a few changes to the line-up second set. The team’s enthusiasm and energy remained very high, and we played a few excellent points. Unfortunately, this didn’t change the outcome of the game. ISW walked away with the victory.

Versus International School of Brussels, 2-0 loss (Set 1 - 11-25 loss: Set 2 - 14-25 loss)

Not all was lost. A win against Brussels would mean a spot in the semi-final. We were convinced we had a chance, and we were ready to take it. Things were going well until Veronica and Solene both started to experience back pain. This took away one of our best defenders and our most dangerous server. More importantly perhaps, it also made the team extremely nervous. We continued to play hard, but against a strong opponent that virtually made no errors, our chances of winning had practically disappeared.

Versus Munich International School, 2-1 win (Set 1 - 21-25 loss: Set 2 - 25-17 win: Set 3 - 15-14 win)

What a battle! Our last game of the day, against Munich was a true test of nerves! We lost the first set to this rapidly improving squad, but showed a lot of character to come back in the second. Alex made many excellent passes, tipped the ball over the net for several easy points. Emily's booming serve came to life and provided a welcomed safety cushion on the scoreboard. Demetra and Amy’s passing remained spot-on throughout the set. Without a doubt, sustaining this level of performance would take up to a comfortable success in the third set. MIS had other plans unfortunately. They immediately took a commanding lead. We didn’t get discouraged however. Well supported by their teammates on the bench, they started to make up the deficit one point at a time. 1-7, 4-8, 13-14 we were close but time was running out!  Not this time, we were not going to be denied!  We scored the last two points of the game before erupting in joy!

5th/6th Place Versus Inter-Community School Zurich, 2-0 loss (Set 1 - 10-25 loss: Set 2 - 13-25 loss)

This victory qualified us for the fifth place game against, you guessed it, ICS Zurich. This was our eighth meeting of the season. We had won the first four matches, but they had turned things around convincingly in the last three. Sadly, the trend continued. We were playing well. We bumped, set and hit the ball very consistently but we seldom seemed to find the open space on the other side of the net. Relentlessly, Zurich kept returning the ball to us, often with their first touch.  And so despite the quality of our actions, we rarely finished the point. It was obviously sad to end the season in such a fashion, but I am certain that all of us will remember the positive experiences we shared this year.

Middle School Cross Country

On Saturday 9 November, the Middle School Cross Country Team participated in the first annual ISAA Cross-Country Championship, hosted by ACS Hillingdon, outside of London. Considering the time of year and the location, the conditions for the race were ideal. 

The MS team sent 10 runners to the overnight event. Despite the nerves and excitement travelling to another country to race, the runners were well prepared and proud to be representing the ISB Dragons.

The MS Girls ran the first race of the day. The morning fog was slowly burning off when the start whistle sounded. For most of the runners, it was their first 5.1km race. All 5 runners finished the course. Greta and Briar finished 7th and 8th respectively, earning ribbons for their efforts. Tess just missed out on a ribbon finishing 11th. Iva and Ruheen rounded out the team with a 20th and 24th place finish. Because of the combined efforts of the team, the MS Girls placed 3rd overall out of 9 teams. 

The MS Boys race could have been the most exciting race of the day. The sun was out and the runners were very eager to race. From the start, Joshua and Tomas were not going to be denied their place on the podium. For most of the race, Joshua and Tomas tucked in behind a runner from ACS Hillingdon, letting him do all the work, running around the course. The front 3 were a full 90 seconds ahead of the rest of the pack for the entire race. As the runners approached the last 200 meters, Joshua made his move and sprinted past the runner from ACS Hillingdon to finish the race in an impressive time of 18:39. Tomas fought valiantly and finished the race in 3rd place with a time of 18:46. Jasper and Christopher ran exceptionally well and finished with 7th and 8th place respectively, giving ISB 4 runners in the top ten. Shuhei finished his first 5.1km race in 18th place. After placing 4 runners in the top ten, there was no doubt, the boys would take home the championship trophy. The MS Boys won all 3 races they participated in this year. 

Combined with the efforts of the Senior School Boys and Girls teams, ISB won the overall ISAA championship. It was a proud day to be a dragon.