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Grade 1 Class Recycling Centre

Grade 1 students in Ms. Papa’s class have been inspired during their unit, ‘How we Organise Ourselves’. They have explored the concept of organisation and have linked this into our schools mission, managing our waste. Some of the key learnings throughout the unit included: understanding the different systems we have in school for waste management, communicating through the use of images, texts and symbols, knowing where to place our waste and understanding the overall impact our choices have on our environment. 

Thanks to Ms. Papa’s involvement in our current Sammelsack Pilot initiative taking place at the Aesch campus, their class already had a system for recycling plastics. The students' questions were: ‘But what about all the other stuff, like aluminum or food waste?’ and questioned why they could do this at home and in Early Years and not in Grade 1. This led to a student initiated project, where they organised a waste management system in their classroom. They insisted on having the box for the plastic, one for the aluminum foil, one for the compost and one for paper. 

They then discussed how to ensure that the system in place functions properly and that they can spread the message of the importance of waste management. Students then decided to create labels with pictures, texts and symbols to communicate their message. After, they discussed as a class where to place the waste management system, so that everyone could be involved and aware. Although they had hoped to place it in the corridor, based on safety regulations with our current Pandemic, Mr. Dolesch shared that at this moment in time, it was not possible. However, Mr. Dolesch was excited and proud of the action that the students have taken to make our school a greener place. 

The students then decided that the next step would be to share their "Recycling Area" with other classrooms, so they can join in and do the same thing. 

Some students wrote messages to the caretakers and delivered them to their office. They wanted to explain to the Caretakers and Cleaners about their project. They also said that once full, they could take it to the recycling center across the street, as many students had remembered visiting it last year. 

We are proud of the Grade 1s and hope their important message can spread to all classes throughout our school.