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“We all want to learn more;
 We all do it in different ways;
 We all have fun learning;
 We all help.”

From 18 March, Global Recycling Day, to 22 April, Earth Day 2021, ISB Green Action Month focuses the ISB community on what we can do for our planet with fun and thought-provoking activities to inspire positive environmental action. We’ll learn how small lifestyle changes can create a more hopeful future with the help of:

  • Daily tips on how to be more sustainable; and,
  • An Earth Day class movie screening with discussion, activities and prizes and the chance to take part in the “Eyes on Plastic" campaign, a simple home experiment to educate us on the amount and types of plastics we all use at home. We invite our ISB Community members to register for "Eyes on Plastic" here.

Each campus is also featuring special surprise projects. Find out more about many of the activities we’ve packed into ISB Green Action Month from the students and teachers in our video below: