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Halloween Trunk or Treat 2019

Monsters, witches, ghosts, zombies – they all came out to scare us at the spooktacular Halloween Trunk or Treat this year! We’re always grateful to parent organiser, Monica Morrissette, and her team for bringing us this annual fun-packed evening at the Aesch campus. This year, the organizing team also made sure to make this our first first Green Halloween by promoting awareness about the waste production at events like these, reducing waste by encouraging to reuse old costumes and decorations, minimizing plastic use and lowering levels of non-recyclable trash. 

Sometimes, the amount of discarded plastic candy wrappers, single-use costumes and candy buckets from Halloween celebrations can send a shiver down your spine. This year, however, the joint efforts of Monica’s team, Green Warriors (EC1-3), Eco Council (Grades 1-5), Green Team (Grades 6-7) and Environmental Society (Grades 8-12), teachers and CA Sustainability Team parents, meant that this Halloween was the greenest yet, while ensuring everyone had loads of fun.  


This year, we encouraged children to create an original costume by using things they already had at home, which would allow for items to be reused and waste to be reduced. In the case that this was not possible, the Girls Scouts once again had their costume sale in which they sell donated second-hand costumes, which were gently used and cheaper than having to buy new ones, and Halloween decorations. This was hugely successful for the second time in as many years and the sale meant old costumes found new homes, rather than being thrown away.

Our environmental group students supported with promotional posters at the Fiechten and Reinach campuses.

Trick or Treat Bags

In the spirit of trying to reduce the amount of plastic used for Trick or Treating, which would normally require a plastic bucket, there was a Bag Decoration Station. Here, kids who did not have a Trick or Treat bucket stopped by and decorated a paper bag with our student volunteers with which they would Trick or Treat. There were some very original bags that looked great.

Most Sustainably Decorated Trunk

During the event, a contest was held to see who could decorate their car trunk the most sustainably by using natural, sustainable and reuseable materials. There were some really creative ideas and several strong contenders competed but in the end, the student, teacher and parent judges declared car Nº 23 the winner. It was decorated with a home-made spooky recycling station, which wished RIP to Trash.

Disposing Waste

Lots of candy results in lots of candy wrappers that would normally end up in the trash. This time, children were able to use them as tokens for the games, and we understood that having "Eco-Points" was vital. At these locations, children, parents and staff were able to bring used wrappers to be recycled by student volunteers and the Sustainability Team, which reduced the waste produced.

Our student-made Eco-Point posters told children about the impact of the amount of wrappers. A large bag of wrappers was collected in order to be reused for a Grade 6 and 7 Art competition. 

Leftover candy could be brought to a special candy donation point at the campus to be shared with those in need or sent by the Girls Scout to troops in the Middle East. Food waste, paper, glass and non-recyclable trash were also sorted and taken to the correct disposal points on and off campus. 

There are steps what still need to be taken in order to achieve a fully sustainable Halloween but we are well on our way thanks to the joint efforts of students, teachers and parents. Thanks to everyone for your commitment!