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ISB officially launched into Distance Learning for all teachers and students on Wednesday, 18 March. At the end of each week, we ask parents and students for feedback to see how we are doing. The response from the ISB Community on Week 1 of Distance Learning was amazing. We thank everyone for the overwhelming support and positive feedback. It only takes a small act of kindness to make a big difference. Thank you ISB Community!

"In general I'm happy with that there is a real program provided. It is hard work but I see that they (my 3 children) are really learning. So it is worth all the energy and effort."

"We can see that a lot of work is done on the teacher side to allow our kids to continue their program, thank you for all the effort and support."

"My children are proud to learn this way more or less independently... post their homework and take responsibility for themselves."

"The teachers are well-prepared for the virtual learning and they remain engaged with parents and students."

"It is rather cute to watch our child take her breaks, lunchtime and PE lesson so seriously. Thank you for reminding them to move and not just sit in front of a screen. Please continue to do that with them!"

"The positivity, warmth and kindness of the teachers and all the work they are putting into complete - u can really see the effort in a difficult working platform! Thank you!"

"I love watching my daughter’s face light up as soon as she receives a video from her teachers. Her smile is right from her heart ❤️"

"Thanks for developing a program that challenges them, keeps them focused but also puts a smile on their face and lifts them up at just the right time."

"Congrats on your very clear comms throughout this whole episode. An outstanding job. Thank you."

"ISB you are pioneering the way in this new way of learning - WELL DONE!"

"ISB you did an amazing job! The preparation is fantastic, I m sure majority of us can be inspired for our work 🙂
And you kept the attention and interest of the children...
Seriously impressed by the start."

"Making connections and having a purpose are wonderful things to feel normal again. Thank you ISB!"

"My daughter enjoyed connecting with the homeroom teacher and the other kids. Thanks to all the teachers and the support staff .... they have things to focus, learn and enjoy."

"I realize that they must have worked extremely hard to put all of this together. THANK YOU!"

"My child was not overwhelmed. He really seemed prepared for this by his teachers."

"I want the teachers to know that we know that they spent a lot of time and effort in creating quality online learning. I admire their dedication to their profession, especially when emotions are running high and many of them also have children to support.

That you are all amazing and working SO hard!!! And I love how well you have prepared the children, they knew from day one what needed to be done (I have one in EC3, Grade 5 and grade 8). So thank you, take care and stay safe 😀"

"The preparation of all the activities and the dedication of the teachers is outstanding.

"Very good interactions with teachers, reacting to questions quickly."

"The videos from the teachers are great. Love the check ins and seeing the teachers at home!  They are working so hard to make them engaging. Thank you!"

"I really appreciate the efforts of all teachers to make this a personal experience, sharing a lot of their lives and personalized comments/videos."

"My children felt very positive about the whole experience, they liked getting on with their work at their own pace and also enjoyed being able to connect with their class and teachers. All the work was very clearly communicated. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your efforts - I think it has been a brilliant success, my children are happy and learning and looking forward to their 'school day' as much as they would normally. HUGE thanks again!"

"Fantastic job to all at ISB. I have to say, the video messages at the beginning and end of the day were so needed. We felt very connected to the teachers in a way that we wouldn’t if it has just been an email or seesaw post."

"Very pleased with the ISB efforts and the sense of community - so necessary! Keep up the good work, and we’ll do our best on this end to keep the kids on track, but there may be some slippage. 😉"

"My kids, who were very apprehensive about online learning, loved the new experience and couldn't wait to get to 'class' after the first day!  The morning message from their teacher made their day :)"

"My kid found the DL very engaging and he enjoyed it very much. Thank you for making it such a positive experience during the challenging time!"

"All of the teachers have done an amazing job communicating with the kids and putting together a daily work plan. My children wake up excited to see a video from their teacher.  I think it gives them comfort in these crazy times.  My kids have found the work fun and engaging.  I can’t imagine how hard it is to be working at home with their own kids and managing their class online. Thank you for all your work. Well done!"

"Very well thought out. Positive reinforcement and motivational messages from home room teacher."

"Congratulations to the whole ISB team and teachers for being ready for the home learning ! It felt like the kids were prepared and knew what they had to do. We were very impressed with how smooth the home learning had started! Again many thanks to all of you!"

"My child asked on Saturday morning "Where is my morning message? I love to hear from my teacher, I miss my teacher." This is no suggestion to ask for weekend messages, it is just to share the positive impact it has on our children, thank you."

"All of the teachers have done an amazing job communicating with the kids and putting together a daily work plan. My children wake up excited to see a video from their teacher. I think it gives them comfort in these crazy times. My kids have found the work fun and engaging. I can’t imagine how hard it is to be working at home with their own kids and managing their class online. Thank you for all your work. Well done!"

"9th and 11th Grade calls, tasks and assessments worked very well. They were very engaged all day long. Well done and thank you!"

"I am very proud of being a part of this community. Leadership team and all teachers are very well prepared to this extraordinary situation. Although it was a very busy day, we were very well informed. Thank you very much for your hard work. We will survive 🤗🌟🤩"

"I was impressed there was even a PE class!! Great effort!!"