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ISB Hosts Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition Job-Alike with 35 International School Educators

On Monday, 13 January 2020, International School Basel hosted a PYP Exhibition Job-Alike for 35 educators from eleven international schools in the region. It was a wonderful opportunity to share and learn from one another. Schools showcased how they approach Exhibition in terms of philosophy, planning, setup and demonstration of their learning and action.

Great conversations happened about student agency, action, how to set up the exhibition, and sharing our different journeys. We also reflected on how most schools have shifted from a very pre-scripted exhibition to a more student-led format. 

Putting the principles into practice, the Exhibition was defined in the following way: "The Exhibition is the culminating, collaborative experience in the final year of the PYP." This statement means that as a school community, we are all responsible for the exhibition. Starting from Early Childhood 1, we are developing their Approaches To Learning and continuously promoting the attributes of the Learner Profile so that when they reach Grade 5, this becomes evident and embedded into who they are as learners. As a learning community, we have been working towards being reflective and open-minded to find ways to support our students' learning.

Thank you to Lyneth Magsalin, PYP Coordinator, for organizing a successful and informative event and to all of the participants from around the world for attending.