ISBasel News

Last weekend, ISB Grade 10 students, Tejas, Aldo, Charan, Ankit, Maximilian and Louis, participated in the Junior Mathematics Competition organized by the International Schools Mathematics Teacher Foundation (ISMTF) at the Vienna Faculty of Mathematics. The contest pitched against each other 201 individual competitors and 64 teams, sixteen of these originating from eight international schools in Switzerland.

We are extremely proud of our students' performances and hard work at the competition. Tejas placed 3rd out of 201 competitors in the individual competition, thus maintaining his excellent rank from last year. Ankit took the 20th position, while the rest of the delegation all placed in the top half. Louis was also a member of the team who came in 2nd place in the "chase" competition.

In the team event, Tejas, Charan and Aldo placed 7th among 64 teams and ranked as the top team among the Swiss international school teams, with the next best Swiss team placing a very respectable 17th place.

Congratulations to the students who participated and a big thank you to Ms. Unger for her support and guidance!