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ISB Virtual Choir 2.0

The Choir Sings 'Hope Lingers On' by Lissa Schneckenburger

We are proud to unveil the performance of the ISB Virtual Choir 2.0, featuring choral students across Grades 2-12, as well as teachers, parents and alumni. The lyrics of Lissa Schneckenburger’s “Hope Lingers On” - vividly brought to life in Andrea Ramsey’s energetic a capella arrangement - are a powerful and determined decree of hope and optimism, and could not come at a more apt time in light of current local and global events.

That so many members of our school community participated - at a time when COVID fatigue is causing the sheen of virtual initiatives to fade - is an indication of the ongoing resilience and positivity of the ISB family. Together, we will continue to uphold and support one another as we live in the moment, and look expectantly to the future. The Learning Continues @ISB!