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Police Talk to Senior School Students about Risky Behaviours

Police Talk to Senior School Students about Risky Behaviours 

Last week, as part of the Senior School Wellbeing Programme, guest speakers from the Swiss Police and the Youth Criminal System presented to our students the topic of risky behaviours, substance use and the law in SwitzerlandWe were fortunate to have with us these experts to discuss first hand examples and give them valuable advice about this important topic.

We opened the discussion with a wide range of questions from the students, for example What are the most common legal and illegal drugs? What is the punishment for using/owning illegal drugs? What will happen if you catch an underage person vaping/smoking? How do drugs affect your brain? Why do people start smoking and drinking? How does it harm them? Students were actively engaged in asking questions and it helped to raise awareness about the risks of substance with our students. 

These talks, together with many other initiatives specifically designed to bring to life a variety of health issues, are designed to prepare the students to understand themselves and others so they can access valid information, set goals, make informed choices, analyse influences and advocate for both themselves and others.