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Puppets to the rescue at International School Basel

Puppets to the Rescue at International School Basel

In these days of social distancing, teaching drama has been a challenge for drama teachers around the world. Following on the 'inspirational' Foundation Course in Puppetry led by Oliver Hymans, Grade 9 Drama Teacher, Julia McKelvey, came up with the wonderful idea of students designing and creating puppets with the final part of the project being a puppet show.

Rather than purchase new materials, Ms. McKelvey and the students went into the drama storage rooms to search for old pieces of fabric, curtains and materials. They each came up with a unique design for their puppet and then started to make them learning how to sew, figuring out the proper weight and balance for the various parts and putting it all together to create a puppet. Each student even created their own storage bag to keep their materials and sewing kits in one place.

Once the puppets are complete, Ms. McKelvey will teach the students how to bring them to life with movement, music and script. They are currently planning a puppet show and will be working on designing and creating a small puppet theater set. In these difficult days for drama teachers, it just goes to show that the magic world of puppetry can transport us to a happier place!