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Sammelsacks - What they are and how to use them

The Green Warriors are a group of our youngest students in Early Childhood 1 - 3 who are taking part in ISB's transition of becoming an Eco-School. In September 2019, the student group noticed that the packed lunches they receive from the school's catering company, Passion Food, for their weekly forest trip had an unnecessary amount of plastic packaging. So, they decided to do something about it and asked the chef to stop using sandwich bags, cling film, tetra juice cartons and plastic water bottles. Now students bring their own reusable sandwich boxes and refillable water bottles for their school-provided lunches.

This initiative resulted in a cost savings of CHF 860.30! The Green Warriors decided to invest this money in providing each family at the Aesch Campus a Sammelsack to facilitate plastic recycling in households. The Green Warriors joined forces with the Eco-Council (Grades 1-5) and Environmental Society (Grades 8-12) to produce a video explaining how to correctly use Sammelsacks. Congratulations to our students for doing their part to help save the environment!