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Tree Planting and Climate Justice Ambassador Academy

On Saturday 6 November 2021 we had the incredible opportunity to work with the Forstrevier Angenstein Team (Aesch Forestry Team) at a Plant-For-The-Planet tree-planting event! ISB students from Grades 5 and 6 planted 90 trees with the aim of maintaining the local woodland and reforesting areas cleared as part of forestry management. 

These efforts will help to provide a healthy habitat for wildlife and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In addition to clearing debris, digging holes, preparing saplings and placing protective coverings around the baby trees, students along with their parents and members of the ISB Sustainability Team learned about regional reforestation efforts and how trees support natural ecosystems. We were also joined by Sandra from Plant-For-The-Planet and Annabelle from Eco-schools. Together we got details about the forestry team’s day to day job and how rather than being “large woodcutters” they are “giant plant gardeners”! 

This tree-planting event was followed on from the online Plant-For-The-Planet Academy the week before, where students learnt about the climate crisis and what they can do to help stop it. After completing these two activities, participants are now official Plant-For-The-Planet Climate Justice Ambassadors. They are now empowered to take action to raise awareness about deforestation and raise money in the name of Plant-For-The-Planet. We thank you all so much for all your enthusiasm and passion! 

Special thanks to Kate Chakravarty for being the driving force behind the Run4Trees initiative at ISB! Kate has recently been nominated a member of the Plant-For-The-Planet Global Board for 2021/22. As Board member, she will contribute to grow its worldwide community, create new initiatives or projects that can have a global impact and help plant more trees; and empower more children to start their own clubs and local activities.