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Water Scarcity - Grade 12 Student Raising Awareness

Water scarcity is an issue many countries are experiencing, but, because we are living in Switzerland, an advanced, modern and developed country, most of us don't realize that water scarcity is as big of an issue as climate change is. This is why Manon, Grade 12, decided to make a video about it for her CAS project. The following is what she has to say about how she came across the topic and what course of action she decided to follow.

"I first learned about it in geography, and upon further research, I was able to gather enough information to make a video about the causes, and consequences of water scarcity, as well as small things we can all do to help solve the global issue. Water is important for many things: health, sanitation, and development, but thousands of people in Africa and other water-scarce regions lack access to water. By watching the video I hope you will learn more about this issue, and inspire you to take action. We all can and should be part of a solution, every drop counts. Improving water access for those in need gives them an actual chance at developing and helps prevent the widespread diseases that are caused by poor water quality."