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Zones of Regulation

Zones of Regulation at ISB

We all experience big feelings! Big feelings are okay. What matters and what counts, is our reaction to these big emotions…

“Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it” - Charles Swindol

To help students identify emotions, recognise triggers, self-regulate and develop coping strategies for managing big emotions, the four “Zones of Regulation” continue to be explored and unpacked across the school.

The four Zones of Regulation are...

Calm state of alertness. Being in this zone means that you are ‘calm, happy, focused or ready to learn’.

Low state of arousal or alertness. You may feel tired, bored, sick, sad or upset.

Heightened sense of alertness. You may feel frustrated, anxious, nervous, even silly, hyper, or excited! In this zone, you are still in control of your reactions.

Heightened sense of intense emotion. When here, we are no longer able to manage big feelings and reactions in the same way. We may feel rage, anger, out of control, or terror.

We emphasise that there is no ‘good zone’ and no ‘bad zone’. Big feelings are normal! We just need to develop our toolbox of strategies, so that we have helpful ways to manage each zone.

We encourage you to share the language of the zones at home too!

Helpful Apps

‘Exploring Emotions’ and ‘The Zones of Regulation’ are two Apps that emphasise this learning.